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Do you have big goals but no time to work on them?

When you're an ambitious goal-setter who's balancing a career, family, and friendships, it's often challenging to juggle it all.

You keep hearing that familiar phrase “work smarter not harder,” but you can’t figure out how to actually do it.

What's more, when you do focus on that passion project, you feel weighed down by guilt from all of the other tasks you “should” be doing.

You’re finally ready to take the leap and pursue your big goal, but then you’re suddenly overwhelmed with feelings of fear, stress, and imposter syndrome.

More than once you've wondered if you're on the right path. And you've often asked yourself: do I even have what it takes?

Spoiler alert: heck yes, you do!

What is 6 Weeks to Success?

6 Weeks to Success is a comprehensive six week program that helps you set and reach a major goal in six weeks or less.

What's more, this program doesn't simply offer productivity hacks and tips. Rather, it teaches the skills you need to manage your mind, cut out the drama, and get things done.

You learn critical strategies to stop procrastinating, stay focused, and effectively manage your time.

In short, this course provides a step-by-step action plan that takes you from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible.

Imagine if

You banished procrastination and approached each day filled with focus, excitement, and determination.

Imagine if

You eliminated feelings of confusion, overwhelm, and stress, and replaced them with clarity, passion, and joy.

Imagine if

You not only reached your big goal, but you also completed your to-do list and had time for self-care.

Here’s the deal…

You can reach that big goal, my friend. And using my six week process, you can reach it while maintaining your sanity.

With a combination of practical strategies, mindset work, accountability, and group coaching, you will blow your mind with everything you accomplish in six short weeks.

Banish Procrastination

Overcome procrastination by focusing your attention, uncovering your motivation, and ditching perfectionism.

Establish Your Goal

Create a step-by-step plan and a streamlined schedule to get you from point A to point B.

Manage Your Time

Learn how to practice time blocking, break through overwhelm, and use each moment of time as wisely as possible.

Create Good Habits

Discover actionable, proven habit strategies to help you establish and keep good habits.

Avoid Distraction

Learn how to stay focused on your goal by taking massive action, practicing single tasking, and establishing accountability.

Maintain Motivation

Get unstuck when challenges arise, remember your why, and uncover your motivation to reach your end goal.

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